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Attention Tournament Fisherman:
Our Hand Crafted Premium Crankbaits Give Tournament Fisherman A Edge On Their Competitor!

Unique Balsawood Crankbait in Crawfordville, Florida


Count on the pros at Awesome Baits, LLC to create beautiful handmade lures that give you the edge out on the water. Each of our wooden lures is made by a skilled craftsman to ensure the highest quality.


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Owned and Operated
by a Disabled Veteran

All products proudly hand-
crafted in the USA.

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Who We Are

Awesome Baits, LLC in Crawfordville, Florida, is the maker and distributor of Thunder Shad™ balsawood crankbait. These lures are known as some of the finest handcrafted balsa lures made. Because we create each of our lures, you know that each one is made with pride in America. Owned by disabled veteran with more than 60 years of experience, Awesome Baits, LLC is proud to provide high-quality, handmade products in a mass-market world. Due to the varying nature and density of the wood, you will enjoy a unique piece, unlike plastic lures that are all exactly the same.

As the new owner of Awesome Baits LLC and Thundershad, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Bud Muse of Crawfordville, Florida. First and foremost, I am a lifelong fisherman. My general manager, Randy Gardner, and I have fished together for over 12 years. We have a combined experience of over 60 years of fishing adventures. I have been lucky enough to purchase Awesome Baits and Thundershad. This company originated in Eufaula, Alabama, around 15 years ago and is influenced by the great innovator of crankbaits, Tom Mann. We offer a handcrafted wooden baits made in the USA.  

Randy and I also have over 40 years combined experience in a manufacturing and production environment. We both understand that any product must be the very best you can make, therefore, we offer a two-year limited warranty on all of our handcrafted fishing baits.

If you look at all of the big fishing manufacturers, you would be hard-pressed to find any baits made in the USA. The majority of these products are made in China. By purchasing our products, you help keep jobs in America. So, when you need baits, think THUNDERSHAD, proudly made in the USA.

Contact us in Crawfordville, Florida, to learn more about our fine handcrafted balsawood crankbait.

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Contact Awesome Baits LLC at 877-542-5355 in Crawfordville, FL, to learn more about our Thunder Shad crankbait, freshwater fishing lures, saltwater fishing lures.
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